How can mobility, stretching and strengthening improve my swimming?

Mobility – modern day living has allowed our bodies to adapt to the uses of computers, mobile phones and slouching around! This results in fixed spines, making them feel stiff and restricted and having a knock-on effect to the other joints in our body. By improving mobility and decreasing stiffness in your shoulders, hips, spine, and ankles you can improve your stroke in many ways! You can achieve better rotation (less snaking up the pool!), improve your catch in the water, improve your streamlining and increase flexibility in your ankles which can improve your kick. When you have poor mobility and decreased range of movement, it diminishes power, efficiency and accuracy of your stroke! Stre

Launch Party!!

Wow what a brilliant first 3 weeks it has been! I want to say a massive thank you to everyone for all of the support you have given me, both existing and new clients! My business would not be able to run without your continual support and referrals!! My lovely friend Vicki Stamm, and owner of The Body Barre is hosting a launch party on Friday 12th October 6-9pm Please come and celebrate with us, enjoy canapés and drinks, take a look around the studio and treatment rooms, and see a few demo classes in action throughout the night. Please bring anyone with you who might also be interested in seeing our studio, just let us know so that we can account for numbers. Children are welcome during t

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