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Whats the deal with foam rolling?

I’m always telling my clients how important it is to foam roll! Many people find foam rolling to be awkward, and sometimes painful, and it just ends up turning into a chore and find reasons not to do it. There are so many benefits to it, hopefully this blog will encourage you to keep rolling!

So what is foam rolling?

Foam rolling is a self massage technique that is great at giving fast relief from tight or sore muscles. As you roll slowly back and fourth on the foam roller, creating pressure with your body weight on the target muscle group, you will increase blood circulation in the muscle, break down scar tissue and most importantly stretch the muscle. This will help increase flexibility and restore muscle function. All these contribute to helping your muscles recover faster – meaning no missed training days because of sore muscles, and help you perform better! It will also prevent and rehabilitate injuries because the muscle can move optimally. 💪🏼

Key points: 🌟 keep your core strong 🌟 foam roll the WHOLE muscle group for 1-2 minutes 🌟 spend extra time specifically rolling any tight areas – make sure you do this slowly 🌟 you can foam roll at any time! You don’t have to wait until after a workout! Foam rolling can be done before a workout to help with mobility and warming up the muscles.

Foam rolling isn’t just beneficial for athletes but everyone. Day to day routines such as gardening, sitting in a car or at an office desk, or carrying around your kids can end up leaving you feeling stiff, tight and achy. Get on your foam roll and loosen up those muscles, to give you a better range of movement!!

If you want more information about how foam rolling can benefit you, please contact me!

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