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Why you need to start Pilates!

Pilates has so many benefits it’s impossible to list them all! It is the only workout I never miss and recommend to all of my clients! Here are 5 reasons why you should start Pilates today!

1. The truth is Pilates works more than just your core, but your whole body gets a work out. It’s your entire body from your diaphragm all the way to your pelvic floor. Every Pilates exercise focuses on using your core to power movement in your limbs. By having this core strength, you are able to prevent and manage injuries!

2. You will use muscles you didn’t even know you had!! Pilates will improve strength, muscle imbalances, flexibility, and increase range of movement.

3. Poor posture is becoming very common because of daily stresses. Poor posture creates a string of structural changes throughout the body which causes pain from muscle imbalances which adds pressure to the joints from the neck, head, pelvis, hip, feet, and knees! Pilates will help lengthen your spine and target the deep postural muscles creating a strong, aligned core from which too move! You can be sure to walk out of your class feeling at least 2 inches taller!!

4. Pilates is a mind body connection. Joseph Pilates was insistent that Pilates was about “the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”. Pilates practice gives complete attention to each movement by instructing the brain to release tension, centre oneself, control movement and breath with precision and flow.

5. Pilates will increase your lung capacity, help your ribs move more freely which will help you to breath more efficiently! Deep lateral breathing will engage your diaphragm and your core, which will help make every movement strong and controlled.

Pilates classes are often floor based on a mat, with some equipment provided. However, if you are looking to try something different and really challenge your body, you should try reformer Pilates! This is my favourite workout, and definitely worth a try! Keep your eyes peeled for a blog on reformer pilates….

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