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Need a few running tips??

Are you new to running? Or already a confident runner? Or maybe somewhere in between?

Here are some great tips and points to help keep you motivated and staying on track.

· Set yourself targets – Whether you’re just starting out or looking for the next challenge, set yourself realistic, achievable targets that will push your comfort zones but keep you motivated to strive for the next goal.

· Warm up thoroughly – try to always start your run with either a brisk walk or a light jog. This will gently increase your blood flow and heart rate. Add a mix of dynamic moves and static stretching. Find what works for you; you will be able to tell by how well you run.

· Stay hydrated – Some people don't like the feeling of water sloshing around in there tummy during a run. So if you don’t like drinking during a run, its not a problem, ensure you rehydrate afterwards.

· Don’t run in pain – Feeling achy at the start of your run is normal – but if you’re in pain then do not try and run through pain. Instead stop, rest and try again when you feel ready. If your pain doesn’t get better, seek advice from a therapist or GP.

· Dress for the weather – Make sure you layer up for the winter! It’s better to have layers to take off, than have too thick or too less!

· Eat after running – Make sure you have food ready for after your run. Healthy carbohydrates and protein are best to feed and replenish your muscles.

· Mix things up – Try new routes or run with others to keep things fresh and boost your training. Maybe include some HIIT. Make your runs shorter but include high intensity intervals.

· Cool down & recovery – End each session with a few minutes of light jogging or brisk walking including some Stretching from top to toe to get your heart rate down to normal. Sports massage and using the foam roller is a great way to aid recovery.

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