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What is a knot?

What is a knot??

I get asked this question pretty much every time I see a client!!

Muscle knots, also know as myofacial trigger points, are defined as tender points in tense taught bands that produce local and differed pain to other muscles. The tight bands prevent oxygen blood flow and nutrients to pass through the tissue. This causes can cause poor range of movement, uncomfortable, tight and painful feeling in your muscles.

Why do i get them??

Muscle knots can develop pretty much anywhere in the body where the muscle or fascia is present. We tend to notice and feel pain in our traps or around our shoulder blades the most. Tension and muscle knots quite commonly occur here due to stress and poor posture.

Common causes of muscle knots are:

- Repetitive strain/movement

- Overuse

- Fatigue

- Posture

- Stress

Regular Sports Massage can help relieve aches and pains, and help you move better.

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