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Could my feet be causing my pain?

This is a great post that i have reposted from instagram from @thefootcollective.

Posted @withrepost • @thefootcollective A lot of people fixate on what their arch looks like but what really matters is whether or not you can control it 👣 Your foot is a shock absorber and must be able to deform in order to adapt to the ground under you and to absorb impact when needed . That means the medial arch needs to be able to flatten out (pronate) and also lift up (supinate). If it can’t do one, the other or neither then you have a problem . The main area that controls the arch of the foot? Your hip. If you have tight hips that can’t rotate (sitting-itis) you will have a foot that can’t control itself and will likely become problematic . Moral of the story: focus on the function of your feet, not the look. Use your feet (spend time barefoot/wearing natural footwear), spend less time sitting in chairs and prioritize some daily hip joint hygiene and you will be just fine 👣

If you suffer with hip/knee pain

to see how i can help you...

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